Gaia Rajan is a poet fully alive in the world and in the world of her poems. Watch for her; she is a poet with wings.

William Fargason, The Colorado Review

Moth Funerals

"Can Gaia Rajan just tell us every story? With a voice that is forever lyrical yet foreboding, Rajan is the present and the future of poetry. Moth Funerals is a stunning debut that urges us to retell our own futures...Gaia Rajan gives me power."
—Dorothy Chan, author of BABE (Diode 2021)

"This is a work that bursts with the tangled spell of teenage girlhood...Rajan’s voice becomes identifiably hers early on, carrying with it a strength of emotion that never seems to fade."
—Cameron Gorman, The Journal

"This chapbook is about a poet writing the legend of themselves while they’re still alive, before anyone else tries to tell what Rajan’s speaker calls “my myth” first."
—William Fargason, The Colorado Review